Fall Immersion: A Life Worth Grieving – Oct 3-6, 2021 ~ Ely, Mn

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A Life Worth Grieving

How Living Through Challenging Times Can Open the Heart

October 3-6, Ely, MN

Our annual Fall Immersion is intended for yogis looking for deeper study and practice of yoga in a communal retreat setting.  This year we will be delving into: A Life Worth Grieving: How Living Through Challenging Times can Open the Heart.

The last year and a half has been a time of profound challenge and change in our lives, community and world – unlike any in our lifetime. If we are to heal, it is imperative that we acknowledge that. The confluence of an ongoing global pandemic, the murder of George Floyd, ensuing uprising, social unrest and racial reckoning, and a highly divisive presidential election and public discourse. All of this has unfolded against the backdrop of strained familial and social relations, global climate change, vast inequities within our world, and cultural institutions ill prepared to navigate our ongoing desecration of life. If reading this paragraph is stressful or unsettling, know that you are not alone – you are human.

This time has been stressful and traumatic for many. The stress response has evolved in humans to allow us to endure challenging situations. However, if chronic, it also prevents the experiences from being fully processed, grieved and integrated. Grief is a natural and healthy response to significant loss and change. It is an opening to what is wounded within. Grieving allows us to feel, process, learn from and grow through painful emotions and life experiences. It can lessen the bonds of karma, re-open our hearts to the sacredness of life, and allow us live more fully – so we are shaped but not defined by suffering. Unfortunately, in our culture, we are not taught how to work with painful emotions or grieve. Without grief, the painful experiences of life may continue to rewound and traumatize us.

The immersion will explore in-depth teachings and practices individually and collectively through dharma teachings, holistic practice (asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, chanting, yoga nidra, self-reflection, etc.), meditative ritual and time in community and nature. The immersion will delve into:

  • Processing what has unfolded in our inner and outer worlds in the last 1.5 years
  • Learning to work skillfully with the stress response: Experiential understanding of self-regulating the limbic and autonomic nervous systems
  • Exploring the relationship of stress, trauma, grief and karma
  • Cultivating presence and compassion amidst painful emotions
  • How life’s rewoundings can be a catalyst for deeper healing: Grief as the ripening of painful emotions to awaken the spiritual heart
  • Yogic practices unwinding chronic stress and wading though grief
  • Yogic practices for remembering the part of us that is untouched by sorrow

This is a small group immersion and space will be allotted in the order in which registrations are received.

Daily Session Schedule:                                                                                                       The immersion will begin Sunday Oct. 3 and conclude Weds. Oct 6

Sunday Oct 3:  6-9 pm                                                                                                       Monday Oct 4:  8:30-11:30 am, 2:30-5:30 pm                                                               Tuesday Oct 5:  8:30-11:30 am, 2:30-5 pm,  7-9 pm                                                   Wednesday Oct 6:  7:30-10am

Optional Chanting and Silent Meditation M-W from 6-7 am

Covid Safety Protocols

Your safety and enjoyment of the retreat is our highest priority.  As such, we will be requiring all attendees to be fully vaccinated, and submit proof of vaccination, to ensure the safety of everyone on retreat, including families attending and Camp du Nord staff.  We have purchased blueair healthprotect air purifiers (shown to remove sars-covid 2 from air in lab tests) as an additional layer of protection for the practice space.   Our hope is to not have to wear masks on retreat, or require proof of a negative test in the days prior to attending retreat. We will assess masks, testing and other safety precautions based on the CDC guidelines and the state of the pandemic in MN at that time.

Your Investment: 

  • $550 – Twin bed in a communal Loft Space
  • $625 – Shared bedroom space (2 people/room, twin beds or queen bed for couples)
  • $725 – Private bedroom space (queen bed)

Early Registration Discount- Receive $25 off the shared bedroom or loft rates when you register and pay in full by July 31.  Yoga Studies grads receive $50 off with early registration. Early registration discount does not apply to private rooms or cabins.

Rates are inclusive of

  • Lodging: For more information on accommodations and activities, visit the fall retreat page.
  • Immersion Tuition
  • Use of Camp du Nord facilities (sauna, hiking trails, canoes + kayaks, etc.)

Massage will be available during breaks.  Please note meals are not provided. Each cabin has a fully equipped kitchen for all your cooking needs. We will plan to eat dinners communally, with groups taking turns preparing food if the group size accommodates eating/cooking together.  

To reserve your space: please submit all registrations materials + deposit at the same time, via email to [email protected], with a copy of:

  1. Fall Immersion Registration + Waiver
  2. Your vaccination record card
  3. Submit a $150 deposit per-person (non-refundable). Payment are preferred through Venmo (@vincent-yoga), and can also be made through PayPal ([email protected]), check (see directions below), or CC. There is a 3.5% fee for paypal or CC to cover costs.  Contact us directly to pay via CC or paypal.

All payments are due by Sept 3. There will be a $50 fee for payments, payment plans and registrations received after Sept 3.  For those unable to pay-in-full before Sept 3, payment plans are available through paypal credit. All payments are final.  If you’re unable to attend the retreat due to covid exposure, you may receive a 50% credit to future Vincent Yoga events good for 1 year.  Other discounts and scholarships are not available.

Ben Vincent (not Vincent Yoga)

5354 40th Ave S.

Minneapolis, MN, 55417

Please contact us with any questions or inquiries