Tantra Shakti: The Sacred Power of Life Taking Refuge 2024 – Begins in March

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Taking Refuge 2024

Tantra Shakti – The Sacred Power of Life

March 2024 – January 2025 w/ Ben Vincent

Taking refuge is a vow to a life of dharma – living in alignment with the ultimate reality and our true nature – on all levels of life. It is a ritual of returning to sanctuary, to what truly nourishes and sustains us, especially during troubled times. The program of Taking Refuge is rooted in the teaching of the three jewels in the yogic wisdom traditions:

  • Teacher (inner and outer)
  • Teachings + Practice (dharma)
  • Sacred community (sangha)

Each of these plays an essential role in sustaining us. When interwoven, they form the fabric of our spiritual lives: supporting our healing journeys, helping us return to our essential nature, and bringing forth our unique dharma for the healing and awakening of ourselves and the world.

Tantra (“to weave, to expand beyond limitation”) is an ancient branch of yogic science for awakening to the sacredness of life. It is a vast spiritual system which has evolved to help humanity realize freedom, fulfillment and empowerment through living in alignment with the sacred.  Tantra is rooted in the understanding that there is a singular, all pervading reality which has two primary aspects:                                     

Consciousness (Shiva, the transcendent aspect of the divine, eternal, illimitable consciousness that is the ground of Being)                                                               Creative Power/Energy (Shakti, the immanent force of the divine, from which the entire universe, in all its diversity and multiplicity manifests)

Tantra is a living tradition – evolving from the diverse spiritual and shamanic traditions native to the Indian Subcontinent to awaken the potential of humanity.  According to the ancient sages and scriptures, it is the most auspicious form of yoga/ spiritual practice for modern era known as the Kali Yuga or “The Long Dark”. As a life-affirming, inclusive and holistic spiritual science, Tantra is a profound antidote to the ongoing delusion, dis-integration and desecration of our world. Tantra sees human life as a profound gift. Our bodies, energies, mind, heart and soul are an expression of the same creative force and consciousness from which the universe was born. We are living temples of shakti + shiva. To make the most of this life, Tantra has evolved a vast body of teachings, practices and rituals for healing, awakening and bringing forth lives of inspiration and empowerment. Taking Refuge will consist of: seasonal retreats, monthly satsangs, guided home study and practice and optional private sessions

Program Structure:

  1. Seasonal Retreats Retreat is a sacred space from which to see ourselves and life clearly. A time to re-commune with the timeless. Retreat is a ritual of honoring our inner call: to slow down, find rest, reflect upon, reconnect with and recommit to what is most important in life.
  • Spring: March 16-17 at the House of Prayer (EHoP) in Collegeville, Mn
  • Summer: June 22-23 at the House of Prayer
  • Fall: October 6-9 at Camp du Nord near Ely, Mn
  • December 14-15 – at the House of Prayer

Spring, Summer and Winter Retreats will be small group (15 people) immersive weekend retreats (two-days, one night – 9 am Saturday – 5 pm Sunday) at the House of Prayer in Collegeville, MN. * Those wishing to lengthen their retreat stays may add extra nights as available (more below) Fall Retreat for Taking Refuge will be at our annual Fall Immersion, Oct 6-9 at beloved Camp du Nord! Retreats will consist of:

  • Two sessions of yoga practice + spiritual teachings daily – rooted in tantra, honoring and integrating diverse traditions.
  • Morning / Evening chanting + meditation
  • In Depth Study and Practice of Tantra
  • Time in solitude, community + nature
  • Sacred rituals for individual and collective healing, awakening and transformation
  • Creative expression (music, poetry, art, etc.)
  • Myths, Stories and Songs
  • Shared meals, laughter and tears

2. Monthly Satsangs :Teachings, practice and community time in Minneapolis Saturdays 10a-1p: April 13, May 18, July 20, Aug 17, Sept 21, Nov 16, Jan 11

Audio recordings of satsangs and retreats will be shared after each session.

3. Guided Home Study and Practice: Readings, journaling, audio recordings and home practice to support your learning and embodiment of the teachings. 

4. Optional Private Sessions – For those interested in more personalized guidance and support, you may add quarterly individual sessions with Ben. See “your investment” below for more info.

Our Study + Practice will include:

  • What is Tantra? Its essence, origin, traditions and evolution
  • Study of Traditional Tantric texts, paths, philosophies and chants
  • Living Tantra in the Kali Yuga
  • Training in Essential Tantric Practices
    • Asana (posture)
    • Shatkarma (cleansing practices)
    • Pranayama (energetic breathwork)
    • Mudra (sacred gesture) + Bandha (energetic seals)
    • Tantric Meditation: Kriya, Laya, Mantra Japa, Bhakti and more
    • Mantra + Chanting (sacred sound + vibration)
    • Yantra (sacred geometry)
    • Yoga Nidra (awakening through deep rest)
  • Teachings and practices for the energetic body
    • Energetic Anatomy: Prana, Nadis, Chakras, Kundalini, Granthis
    • Chakras: The vortexes of Consciousness and Energy
    • Kundalini Shakti: Awakening your life to the power of the infinite
    • The Heart Lotus – The ultimate place of pilgrimage
    • Granthis + Karma: The obstacle is the way
  • Gherand Samhita + The Yoga of Sun, Moon and Fire
  • Nava Rasa Sadhana: Yoga of Nine-Emotions
  • The Tantric Understanding of Divinity and ultimate reality
  • The living mythology of Tantra – Luminous Beings, Gods, Goddesses
  • Embodying the Sacred Masculine (Shiva) and Feminine (Shakti)
  • Exploration of Tantric Texts including Gherand Samhita, Vijnana Bhairav + Yoga Sutra of Patanjali
  • Rituals for Individual and Collective Healing, Awakening + Transformation
  • The Importance of rituals and shakti sadhana in the Kali Yuga
  • Dharma Shakti: Awakening the power of the in Self, Family, Community + World
  • Diksha: Opportunity for Initiation into the Himalayan Tradition through receiving a personal Mantra
  • And much, much more!

Retreat Locations, Accommodations and Meals

Spring, Summer and Winter Retreats will be at the Episcopal House of Prayer in Collegeville, MN – 75 miles NW of Mpls. For 30+ years, they’ve been welcoming groups for retreat and spiritual practice. Renowned for its potent sacred space, natural + architectural beauty, EHoP is a sanctuary designed to support deep connection.

The House of Prayer is nestled on the edge of Saint John’s Abbey and University – amidst the remarkable beauty and sanctuary of 2,700 acres of extensive pine and hardwood forest, wetlands, lakes, oak savanna, restored prairie, and hiking trails.  Its been a place of learning and spiritual refuge for over 165 years.

Fall retreat of Taking Refuge will be the annual fall immersion at beloved Camp du Nord. Deep in the northwoods on pristine Burntside Lake, near the Boundary Waters, this area has been a place of sanctuary for generations. 3 days of in-depth study + practice. Free time for hiking, paddling, sauna, massage and deep connection.

The retreat house at EHoP designed to support both community and solitude. There are single and double rooms with twin beds, individual sinks, desks, chairs and reading lamps. The larger living/ dining spaces and restrooms are shared. The oratory and prayer room are available as quiet, contemplative spaces. In the spirit of community, we will eat meals communally. Each person will be assigned to a group responsible for planning and bringing/ preparing one meal per retreat. Meals will be vegetarian and we’ll do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions. We’ve done meals this way for years on fall immersion, and they are always wonderful! Accommodation on the fall retreat at Camp du Nord are in comfortable modern cabins.

Your investment

This small group program is limited to 15 people. Spaces + accommodation preferences will be allotted in the order in which payment and registration are received. Rates are inclusive of program tuition and lodging – including accommodation in private or shared rooms at EHoP, and in communal loft spaces at Camp du Nord. You can upgrade to shared or private rooms for fall retreat.

Private Room – $3250                                                                                                    Shared Room – $2950

Early Registration Discount – $150 off the above rates when paid in full by Jan 31. Payment Plans may be available on an individual basis for those unable to pay in full by March 7.

Optional Add-ons

Quarterly Private Session w/ Ben: $400 for the year ($100 x 4, a $40 discount/ session) *Extra night stay: $75/night (paid separately as available), for those wishing to add Friday or Sunday night to any retreat weekends,

To reserve your space:

  1. Please email the completed the registration form to [email protected]
  2. Submit a $500 deposit (non-refundable). Payment is preferred through Venmo (@vincent-yoga). Payment can also be made through cash, check, PayPal ([email protected]), CC. There is a 3.5% fee for paypal or CC to cover costs. Please contact Ben directly to pay via cash, check or CC.

All payments are due in full by March 7. There will be a $150 fee for late payments and payment plans. All payments are final and non-refundable, unless your reserved space in the program is filled. If you choose to withdraw from the program, your payment will be forfeited. Other discounts and scholarships are not available.

Please contact [email protected] with any inquiries about the program, registration or payment plans.