Yoga Studies: Next Program Begins in February 2020!

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                                        Yoga Studies Program

                                              Deepen your Yoga ~ Empower your Life!

  Are you wanting more from life?  Do want to study and practice yoga more deeply?

Are you a committed teacher or student wanting a deeper experience of yoga?

Are you looking for personal guidance and community on the yogic path?

This unique 9-month program is intended for all sincere students and teachers, looking to deepen their experience and understanding of Yoga.  Through personal and group study and practice,  students will be guided on a transformative journey of healing, self-discovery and empowerment.  We will delve into the teachings and practices of Yoga, Tantra & Ayurveda – as a means to awaken our potential for meaning, happiness and freedom in life.

    Upcoming FREE Info Sessions for Yoga Studies – Come learn about the program! Wednesday Jan 8, 7:30-8pm at One Yoga                                                                   Saturday Jan 25, 11:45-12:15 at One Yoga

The structure of the program:

 1) On Going Master Classes:  Consisting of Dharma talk (teaching), discussion and practice. The next program begins in February 2020 and is a combination  weeknight/ weekend program.

  • Weeknight/ Weekend Program:  The next Yoga Studies program will begin in February 2020.  It will be a combination of two Tuesday nights / month (6-8:45p) and one weekend day (Sat 10:30-5:30).  There will also be a full weekend retreat at beautiful Saint Johns University August 14-16.  Program Dates:                                     February: Sat. 8, Tues. 11, 25                                                                                              March:  Sat. 7,  Tues. 10, 24                                                                                                April: Sat. 4, Tues. 14, 28                                                                                                      May: Sat. 2, Tues. 12, 26                                                                                                      June:  Sat. 6, Tues. 2, 16, 30                                                                                                July: Sat. 11, Tues. 28                                                                                                          August: 14-16 (Weekend Residential Retreat)                                                                September: Sat. 12, Tues. 8, 22                                                                                          October: Sat. 17, Tues. 13, 27

2) Three Private sessions to receive:

  • A personalized Hatha yoga + meditation practice
  • Ayurvedic dietary + lifestyle Consultation
  • Yogic spiritual guidance to uncover + empower you life’s purpose (dharma)

3) Weekend Retreat:    We will delve into the Four Desires process- exploring our search for meaning, freedom and joy in life.  Many past students have said this is one of the most impactful parts of the program.  The retreat will be held August 14-16 at the Saint John’s Abbey Guesthouse in Collegeville, MN.  The retreat will begin Friday August 14 at 10am, and conclude Sunday August 16 at 5 pm.

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Saint John’s is a Benedictine Monastery and private Liberal Arts University, set alongside Lake Sagataganan amidst hundreds of acres of forrest and prairie, about 90 minutes northwest of the Twin Cities.  It also happens to be where Ben’s yoga journey and MPR began!

4) Guide Home Study and Practice: Readings, journaling, audio recordings and home practice to support your growth. 

5) Group community building events

6) Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse

Our in-depth study will include:

   Essential Teachings of Yoga:

  • What are Yoga, Tantra & Ayurveda?  Why are they relevant?
  • History of Yoga: Periods, Types, traditions and its evolution
  • The main branches of yoga:  Raja (Classical), Bhakti (Devotion), Tantra (ritual) + Hatha (Mind + Energy), Karma (Action), Jnana (Knowledge)
  • The Three Refuges of practice:  Teacher, teachings + community
  • Training in Essential Practices: Asana (posture), Pranayama (energetic breathwork), Meditation, Mantra (sacred sound), Chanting, Bandha (energy locks), Mudra (gesture), Kriya (visualization), Yoga Nidra, Kriya Yoga, relationship, Ayurvedic diet + lifestyle, shatkarma (yogic cleansing practices)
  • Karma, Reincarnation and Samsara (the wandering of the soul)
  • The four aims of life – Dharma (meaning), Artha (the means), Kama (joy),  Moksha (freedom)
  • Dukkha:  Why do we suffer and how do we overcome suffering?
  • Overcoming Limiting Patterns & Conditioning – Samskara + Vasana
  • Hatha Yoga –  The spiritual science of mastering Mind + Energy through Asana, Pranayama + Meditation
  • Meditation- The essential yogic practice for awakening the Heart and Mind
  • Samkhya System- The foundation of Indian philosophy & spirituality
  • Essential Texts:  The Yoga Sutra + The Bhagavad Gita
  • Ayurveda- The Science of Self-Healing
  • Essential Sanskrit Terms + Chants
  • The Koshas:  Layers of Being

Testimonials from past participants

“Over the last 8 years I have had the gift of Ben’s Teaching.  The Yoga Studies program has been his greatest gift.  It profoundly shaped my life in ways I never believed possible.  I’ve been a yoga teacher for nearly a decade, and no other program has had the impact of yoga studies.  No other teacher has supported and challenged me so significantly.  I now have faith in myself and the teachings.  I am purposeful, powerful and peaceful amidst the changes of the world and life.”   –  Anna K   

“The Yoga Studies program came at a pivotal time in my life.  Through it, I reconnected with my authentic self,  enabling me to find purpose in my life again. It gave me clarity and the strength to move forward. I now understand yoga with more depth and insight, and would highly recommend this program to others who are wanting “more” from their life.”    ~ Julie Ann C.

The Yoga Studies program with Ben Vincent literally changed my life.  I went into it with mixed feelings, not sure what to expect and a bit intimidated.  It turned out to be one of the most rewarding and impactful events I have ever participated in. I still practice, almost daily, many of the tools for a richer life that I learned in the program.”    ~ Audrey C.

“For me, the YS program was a profound and life-changing experience led by a profound and life-changing teacher.  I got a whole new set of tools to help me live my life joyfully and in harmony with my best self.  One of the unexpected benefits was developing a wonderfully supportive community of fellow yogis.  I highly recommend this class to anyone serious about cultivating both a deeper understanding of themselves and of yoga.”     ~ Beth G.

“I studied yoga for over fifteen years prior to taking part in the yoga studies program, and the program gave me a foundation and depth of understanding that I did not have from all of my previous study.  Ben is an intensely serious student of yoga and a gifted teacher. He is able to break down postures and anatomy, and has a unique ability to teach yoga as a philosophical system that can help us to shape a more meaningful and fulfilling life.”      ~ Katrin C.

I would like to thank you Ben for the time, effort, love and devotion that you have put into developing this extraordinary yoga studies program. The quality and depth of the program  was beyond my expectations and has provided me with a deep insight and inspiration for myown transformational process. I really appreciated your wisdom – the practices and teaching of yoga philosophy reflected the authenticity of your own practice. -Birgit K.

  “After completing a teacher training program, I felt like something was missing… I needed more support.  I wanted to continue my studies and make sure that I was deepening my own relationship to yoga. I can’t express how life changing and powerful Yoga Studies has been.  It is a unique gem in the Yoga world – a powerfully transformative program, both in personal growth, and in deepening one’s connection to Yoga. I was given real tools to work through the limiting beliefs and negative patterns that had kept me stuck for years.     Over the past nine months, I have solidified my commitment to daily yoga practice, I have deepened my knowledge and immediate connection to the teachings, and I have begun to unveil the potential that has always lived inside of me.  Yoga Studies transforms your life and helps you to live the teachings. If you decide to teach others after completing the YS program, you will know yourself and will be more capable of leading others through the vast and powerful journey of yoga with compassion and sensitivity. Yoga Teacher Training taught me how to teach a class, Yoga Studies taught me how to live and how to embody Yoga.”  I am deeply grateful for this life changing experience and for Ben’s guidance. I believe without a doubt that YS has made me a better human, and a more authentic student of Yoga.   – Stefanie M  

Your Investment:  Program Tuition + Payment Option

Full Price – $2950. (Paid in full by the beginning of the program )

Early Registration Discount – $2795. (Paid In full by Jan 10 )

Yoga Teacher Discount – $2650.                                                                                             (For teachers who have completed a 200-Hour Training and are currently teaching 3 or more yoga classes/week.  Must be paid in full by Jan 7)

Payment plans are available through Paypal Credit.  This option is the cost of tuition + a 4% credit card fee.  You would then have 6 months to pay paypal without interest. Please email or visit paypal credit for more information about payment plans.

The cost of books will be about $85 in addition to the cost of tuition.

To apply, please visit the please send a $300 deposit, along with a complete application to: – deposit can be submitted via venmo (@ben-vincent-9).         You can also submit application and deposit (check) to Ben in person or via mail to:

Ben Vincent                                                                                                                                   5354 40th Ave S.                                                                                                                 Mpls., Mn 55417

Follow this link to receive a copy of the application:  Yoga Studies Application.  Space is limited and will be allotted in the order which application + deposit ($300) are received.  Once accepted, your deposit is non-refundable, and will be applied toward the cost of the program.

Please note there will be a 4% fee for all credit card payments to cover the additional cost of credit card fees.

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