Private instruction with Ben


In essence, yoga is the evolution and synthesis of millions of people’s search for meaning, freedom, Self-realization and an end to suffering. For millennia, these teachings have been transmitted through the student-teacher relationship. This allows for the wisdom of an immense body of teachings and practices, to be distilled and directly applied to one’s life circumstances.

In our modern yoga world, this deeper, transformative aspect of relationship has largely been forsaken. Consequently, when ‘obstacles” arise in practice
and life, students try to fend for themselves or leave the practice of yoga altogether. Personalized yoga guidance is an empowering and effective means to working skillfully with our challenges ~ to transcend our limitations and embody our full potential. These sessions may include:

  • Creating a personalized practice for physical, mental or emotional needs – specializing in working with anxiety and depression
  • Therapeutic practices for injuries, chronic pain and imbalances
  • Refining of asana, pranayama and meditation practices
  • Yogic spiritual guidance
  • Ayurvedic inspired lifestyle and dietary counseling
  • Direction and mentoring in self-study, practice and teaching of yoga
Testimonials from clients:
“I sought guidance from Ben because I was pregnant with a herniated disk in my lower back and was in a great deal of pain. I was told that Ben was a “miracle worker.”  During my three sessions with him, Ben worked not only with my physical symptoms but also the mental and emotional triggers that were causing my pain.  I am now one week away from my baby’s due date and I can happily say that my back feels better now than when I was in my first trimester.  I feel stronger than I have in years and my sciatic pain has disappeared. I strongly recommend Ben’s yoga teaching to anyone who is looking for healing.”           – Julie, Interpreter

“You asked that I update you about a month after our session.  I can say without exaggeration that my life changed.  Your recommendations were subtle and completely impactful.  I use the at-home practice at least five times per week and have found that getting on my mat first thing in the morning has been easier than expected.    On an emotional level, implementing the ayurvedic lifestyle and dietary changes gave way to tangible changes almost immediately.  A week after our session I ended up staying in several evenings in a row to read a book, something that was anxiety inducing just a week before.  I feel present, happily independent, and stable.  The best part is-I don’t feel temporarily ecstatic, I feel sustainably grounded.  This deep sense of patience and appreciation gave way to the unexpected-I was offered (and accepted) my dream job!…  2013 is really shaping up.  I can’t thank you enough for that session.”                                                                                   -Amanda, Social Worker

“I know I mentioned my job change to you, but I wanted to share more details and especially huge thanks to you for helping to facilitate this big step for me.  I’ve worked there many years and I’ve poured so much of myself into making it all work out.  It’s hard to leave all of that, but I know deeply that it’s the best for me.  Amidst all of these changes in my life,  I’m most proud that I finally spoke up for what I wanted after so many years of pain and frustration.   I thought big, asked for a lot and I got it all!   The best outcome of this process is realizing I have more power and control over my life than I thought for years.  It was so frustrating to feel at the mercy of my circumstances.  Making these big changes has exercised that “risk muscle” for me to see it’s OK to ask for what you want, deal with the consequences and go from there.  Such a much more empowering way to live and I know it will have a ripple effect.

All of these great outcomes are a result of our good work together and I can’t thank you enough for your support and guidance.  All of our work together — from yoga class to the retreats and during our one on one time — has helped me organize my thoughts and feelings, determine what I wanted and take big steps to make that happen.  I want you to know how instrumental you are in this huge improvement in my life.  THANK YOU!

I look forward to what comes next.”

-Amy, Business Consultant