Minneapolis Yoga Conference: March 22-24

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Join Ben and many great presenters at the sixth annual Minneapolis Yoga Conference presented by Tula Software, for a wide range of topics, workshops and immersions.  MYC is a wonderful opportunity for in-depth study with locally and nationally renowned teachers. Ben will be teaching “Yoga for Equanimity: finding Steadiness and Ease in Turbulent Times” Sat March 23, from 1:30-3:30″ and “Yogic Meditation for Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being” Sun March 24, from 8-10 am.  .

The Tula Software Minneapolis Yoga Conference: Year 6!

Yoga for Equanimity: Steadiness and Ease in Turbulent Times ~ Sat 3/23, 1:30-3:30    Change is the nature of the world we live in, yet it is the nature of humans to seek that which last. All too often, we allow our inner state to be determined by change in the world around us- the season, politics, other people, etc. To find lasting peace, yogis know that cultivating a calm steady mind. Through lecture and practice, this workshop will explore experientially the yogic understanding of the mind, and how to practice and live in a way that brings peace

Yogic Meditation for Mental, Emotional + Spiritual Well-Being ~ Sun 3/24, 8-10 am     For thousands of years, meditation (dhyana) has been at the heart of Yoga. Even as Hatha Yoga (postures, breathwork, relaxation) has become very popular, yogic meditation has largely been forsaken. Amidst the rigors of modern life, Its timeless teachings and practices are as relevant as ever. Dhyana offers us a time-tested path for finding peace, resolving stress and suffering, and realizing the greater potentials of human life. Yogic meditation utilizes the body, energy, mind and heart to: Calm, clarify and illumine the mind. Support emotional equanimity and healing. Balance the nervous system and prana Empower will (icca), knowledge (jnana) and action (kriya) shakti. Awaken the heart as love, compassion and wisdom. This will shop will include seated meditation, moderate movement and breathwork, lecture and Q + A. You will: Learn traditional postures and breathing practices to prepare for meditation. Learn the process of yogic meditation, and its place in the yoga tradition. Experience essential techniques of yogic meditation: 1) Witness Consciousness 2) Mantra (sacred sound) 3) Kriya: (Active meditation using breathwork, mantra and visualization) Learn tools for starting, deepening and/or overcoming obstacles to mediation practice. Receive recordings of the meditations to support your home practice

For more info or to register, Check out the Tula Software’s Minneapolis Yoga Conference website