Yogic Meditation Retreat: Essence of a Sacred Tradition – Feb 1-5, Ely, MN

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                      Yogic Meditation:                          Essence of a Sacred Tradition   

Feb 1-5, 2018

For thousands of years, meditation (dhyana) has been at the heart of the the yoga tradition. Dhyana is a time-tested path for the removing causes of suffering, and cultivating lives of freedom and fulfillment through cultivating and channeling awareness and energy.  As a sacred art, yogic meditation utilizes the body, prana, mind and heart to awaken the greater potentials of human life.  As a sacred science of Self-Realization, it has been proven to:

  • Support emotional equanimity and healing
  • Calm, clarify and illumine the mind
  • Balance the nervous system and prana 
  • Empower will (icca), knowledge (jnana) and action (kriya) shakti.
  • Awaken the heart as love, compassion and wisdom
  • Lower stress, anxiety and depression

The timeless teachings and practices of yogic meditation are as relevant today as ever.   Amidst the busy-ness, stress and turbulence of our modern lives, the postures, breath work and relaxation of Hatha Yoga have become very popular.  However, without meditation it is an incomplete science.  Meditation allows us to experience our unchanging essence, true nature or Soul.  Communion with unchanging allows us to live skillfully and gracefully in a world of change.

This retreat is a special opportunity to immerse yourself in the art and science of Yogic Meditation.  Each day will have extended periods of teachings and practice (guided and self-guided), periods of silence, and evening sat-sangs to receive guidance.

  • Learn traditional postures, breathing practices and guided relaxation techniques to prepare us for meditation
  • In depth teachings on the process of yogic meditation: asana (meditation posture), diaphragmatic breathing, pranayama, and cultivating concentration, meditative awareness and absorption.
  • Essential techniques of yogic meditation:
  1. Witness Consciousness:  Resting as the seer, non-reactivity and abiding in stillness
  2. Mantra:  The science of sacred sound and revealed truth
  3. Kriya:  Tantric meditations to activate the sacred forces within
  • Receive practices to cultivate focused energy, transcendent peace, emotional equanimity, non-attachment, and compassion
  • Receive recordings to guide your home practice
  • Explore the yogic understanding of emotions, mind and heart – which can cause suffering or set us free
  • Learn how to overcome common challenges in starting or maintaining a meditation practice, including: dealing with physical discomfort, mental and emotional unsteadiness, finding the right meditation practice, and committing to regular meditation practice

The Place: Camp du Nord, near Ely, MN.  Du Nord is nestled amongst the pine and birch forest alongside Lake Burnside, a stones throw from the Boundary Waters. Camp du Nord has been a natural place of retreat, relaxation and reflection for more than 50 years.


The Yoga: The immersion sessions will feature extended hours of teaching and practice each day.  Sessions will  focus on yogic mediation, and may include dharma talks (teachings), asana, breath work, meditation, chanting, journaling, and self-inquiry.  Please see the schedule below.


Lodging Our lodging will be communal in modern wooden cabins, beautiful and simple.  Each cabin features a full kitchen for meal prep, indoor bathroom, central air & heat, fireplace, living & dining room, bedrooms and sleeping loft.   No T.V.’s, no phones, no distractions- essentially everything you’ll want, nothing you won’t.  click here

Activities: There will also be plenty of time to experience the stillness, quietude and beauty of the northwoods winter: Cross-Country Skiing, Snowshoeing,  Sauna + Lake Plunge, Massage, Relaxing fireside    

( *massage not included in the price of the retreat)

Retreat Schedule                                                                                                                Thursday 2/1 –  5 – 7:30pm                                                                                                  Friday 2/2 – 8:30- 11:30 am + 3-6pm,                                                                                  Saturday 2/3 – 8:30- 11:30 am + 3-6pm                                                                              Sunday 2/4 – 8:30- 11:30 am + 3-6pm                                                                                  Monday 2/5 – 8:30-10:30 am                                                                                            6-7 am each morning will be chanting and unguided meditation.                                      8-9pm each evening will be satsangs: meditation, chanting, and Q + A.                         We will be observing noble silence daily before 11:30 am and after 8 pm.

Transportation, Arrival & Departure

The retreat will begin Feb 1 at 5 pm.  We will depart after cleanup on Monday Feb 5th in the early afternoon.  We encourage carpooling, and will assist in arranging transportation.  For Directions, click here.

Rates & Registration:

Due to the immersive nature of this work, this will be a small group retreat.  Space is limited and we anticipate the retreat will fill up.  If you are planning to attend, please send registration and deposit as soon as possible to reserve your space.  Thanks!

The retreat includes:

  •  Yogic Meditation Immersion
  • Three nights lodging in shared or private rooms.  Private rooms feature queen        beds, preference for private rooms will  be given to couples.
  • Use of saunas, cross country ski and snowshoe trails.  Skis + Snowshoes are available to rent thru Camp du Nord.
  • Meals are not included in the price of the retreat.  Each cabin has a full kitchen for your culinary needs.  We will arrange evening meals to share as a group, each person will be part of a team who cooks one night.
  • All the fun you can have, with new and old friends!

Your Investment + Accommodation Options

Shared Loft Space:  $495 Early Bird, $535 Full Price – twin bed in a loft space

Shared Bedroom:  $545 Early Bird, $585 Full Price – two twin beds/queen for couples

Private room: $620 Early bird, $660 Full Price – queen bed

Private Cabins may be arranged for an additional fee, with payment in full.  Rates will depend upon the number of occupants.

Early bird discounts are available to those who register and pay in full by Dec. 24, 2017. All payments are due in full January 15, with a fee of $35 for late payments, payment plans & registrations received thereafter. All payments are final as of Dec. 31. There will be no refunds due to inclement weather, travel or sickness.

To reserve your space, please send your Winter Retreat Registration + Waiver  and $150 deposit per-person (non-refundable) You can can also pay by Credit Card over the phone.  There is an additional 3.5% charge for cc purchases to cover service fees.

Checks are payable to:

Ben Vincent

5354 40th Ave S.

Minneapolis, MN, 55417

Please contact us with any questions or inquiries