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I am back from a week of study at the Himalayan Institute with Rod Stryker.  Nestled in the rolling forested mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania, the Institute has been a functioning ashram and center for the study of yoga since its founding by Swami Rama 40 years ago.  The topic of study this week was The Koshas.  The Koshas (meaning sheath, covering or body) are the five layers of the human being said to encase the Atman (Soul/ True-Self ).  This is one of the most sublime of all yogic teachings and one of the most comprehensive models of what it is to be human- speaking directly to our human experience as physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual beings.   The teachings are focused on maximizing our capacity at each of these levels, and transcending their limitations in the realization of our true nature as atman.


On 11/11/11, the Institute began an year long practice of meditation known as Akanda Japa.  This is a practice that was envisioned by the sages almost 5,000 years ago, to be used by humanity in times of darkness and great suffering to raise our collective consciousness.  Devanadi yoga in Linden hills will be hosting a local group for this practice Thrusday nights at 8:00 pm.

Much like beginning to practice yoga, going to the Himalayan Institute felt like coming home.  There is a history, lineage and a living tradition caring the depth and breadth of yogic teachings that I haven’t found elsewhere.  The publish a wonderful quarterly publication titled Yoga International.   I look forward to continuing my studies there, and humbling transmitting this great body of living wisdom in any way that I can.

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