Beginner’s Mind

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I recently finished teaching a 6 week Beginner Series.  It was unbelievably refreshing, surprisingly so!

A room bursting with curious minds and open eyes.  I am reminded of the Buddhist teaching of Beginner’s Mind: a mind that is fresh and awake to possibility, a mind different than the mind we bring to our habitual ways of thinking and acting.

This series challenged me to cultivate my Beginner’s Mind as a teacher; with the language I used, poses I taught and teachings I shared.  I was helping to build a foundation, an introduction to the vastness of Yoga.

People come to yoga for varying reasons and its important to inquire about what brings us to the mat.  Whether its a desire for spiritual growth, hope of healing from injury, need to reduce stress or to tone the body: be honest.  It will change day to day and evolve with ongoing practice, however, take time to check in with the first breaths on the mat, create an intention and ask the question, how can I be a beginner in this moment?

Today, I challenge you to see with fresh eyes.







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