Winter Four Desires Immersion: Ely, MN – Feb 7-10, 2019

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“As is the desire, so is the will.

As is the will, so is the deed.

As is the deed, so is our destiny.”

-Brihadaranyaka upanishad

                           Four Desires Immersion                                                 Ely MN, February 7-10, 2019

   Join us for our annual winter retreat at Camp du Nord, outside Ely, Minnesota.  Winter is a sacred time of turning inward to find the light within.  The quietness and stillness of north country are the perfect environment for this work.  Plus you’ll have free time for sitting by the fire, cross country skiing and sauna.     
   According to the yoga tradition, our lives are the product of our deepest driving desires. Yoga identifies four universal desires: Meaning, Prosperity, Joy & Freedom. These are known as the purusharthas – the means of the soul. These fundamental longings compel all human thought, action and behavior. In our modern world of instant gratification, we tend to misdirect the power of these desires -seeking fleeting pleasures- rather investing in the life’s work of Self-Realization. Only to find we are unfulfilled, unsatisfied and left wanting more. The life you are called to requires your conscious attention, dedication and effort. You must walk the path of your destiny.

  The key to desire empowering us is to see clearly what we really want, and to work skillfully and selflessly toward its realization.

  In this special winter retreat, you will be guided through a profound and transformative introspective process, as laid out by Rod Stryker in his book “The Four Desires.”  We will use teachings, yoga postures, breathing and meditation practices, chanting, self-reflection and journaling to:

  • Uncover the soul’s purpose – your reason for being in this life
  • Rediscover how each of the four desires resonates uniquely in your life
  • Recognize self-limiting patterns which keep you from fulfilling your potential
  • Learn to use these “obstacles” as a means to self-transformation
  • Create a vow of tangible action toward the realization of our calling
  • Learn techniques and practices for personal empowerment and self-mastery
  • Explore the power of right desire to transform your life and the world

The Place: Camp du Nord, near Ely, MN.   Set amongst the pine and birch forest alongside Lake Burntside, Camp du Nord has been a natural place of retreat, relaxation and reflection for more than 50 years.


The Yoga: We will practice for three hours each morning and afternoon. The practice will be focused around the teachings of the four desires, and will include dharma talks (teachings), asana, breath work, meditation, chanting, journaling, and self-inquiry.


Lodging Our lodging will be communal in modern wooden cabins, beautiful and simple.  Each cabin features a full kitchen for meal prep, indoor bathroom, central air & heat, fireplace, living & dining room, bedrooms and sleeping loft.   No T.V.’s, no phones, no distractions- essentially everything you’ll want, nothing you won’t.  click here

Activities: Cross-Country Skiing, Snowshoeing,  Sauna + Lake Plunge, Massage, Relaxing fireside    

( *massage not included in the price of the retreat)


Retreat Schedule                                                                                                                Thursday 2/7 –  6:30 – 9pm                                                                                                  Friday 2/8 – 8:30- 11:30 am + 3-6pm                                                                                    Saturday 2/9 – 8:30- 11:30 am + 3-6pm                                                                              Sunday 2/10 –  8:30am- 12:30pm                                                                                           There will be optional chanting and unguided meditation each morning from 6-7am.  Evenings will give you an opportunity to reflect on the work from the day, and receive personal support as time allows.

Transportation, Arrival & Departure

Our welcoming ceremony will be at 6:30 pm on Thursday. Feb. 7th,  and we will depart after cleanup on Sunday Feb 10th in the early afternoon.  We encourage carpooling, and will assist in arranging transportation.  For Directions, click here.

Rates & Registration:

Due to the immersive nature of this work, this will be a small group retreat.  Space is limited and we anticipate the retreat will fill up.  If you are planning to attend, please send registration and deposit as soon as possible to reserve your space.  Thanks!

The retreat includes:

  •    Four Desires Yoga Immersion
  •    Three nights lodging in shared or private rooms.  Private rooms feature queen        beds, preference for private rooms will  be given to couples.
  •    Use of saunas, cross country ski and snowshoe trails.  Skis + Snowshoes are available to rent thru Camp du Nord.
  •    All the fun you can have, with new and old friends!


Your Investment + Accommodation Options

Shared Loft Space  $495 Early Bird, $535 Full Price 

Shared Bedroom  $535 Early Bird, $575 Full Price

Private room – $660 Early bird, $700 Full Price

Private Cabins may be arranged for an additional fee, with payment in full.  Rates will depend upon the number of occupants.

Early bird discounts are available to those who register and pay in full by Dec. 24, 2018. All payments are due in full January 15, with a fee of $35 for late payments, payment plans & registrations received thereafter. All payments are final.  There will be no refunds due to inclement weather, travel or sickness.

To reserve your space, please send your Winter Retreat Registration + Waiver  and $150 deposit per-person (non-refundable) You can can also pay by Credit Card over the phone.  There is an additional 4% charge for cc purchases to cover service fees.

Checks are payable to:

Ben Vincent

5354 40th Ave S.

Minneapolis, MN, 55417

Please contact us with any questions or inquiries

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Journey to Kumbha Mela

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From Januray 17-February 9, 2013, we will be journeying to India, on pilgrimage to the Kumbha Mela.  Happening once every 12 years and drawing an estimated 40-70 million people, Kumbha Mela is truly the pilgrimage of a lifetime.  Its purpose is the awakening of humanity to a higher state of consciousness – one in which we recognize the interconnectedness and sacredness of all life.  For us, yoga has always been a means to living this truth.   In a time when there is so much suffering in the world, nothing seems more important than experiencing and sharing these teachings.

   We will be traveling with the Himalayan Institute, and studying with master teachers Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Rod Stryker and Rolf Sovik.  There is great power in practicing and studying  in the lands where yoga first took root.  It is our hope to share our experiences with you when we return to teaching in the middle of February.   A deep bow to all who have guided and walked upon this path with us, we hold you in our hearts.  If you would like to help support our journey, please click here.

With great love,

Namaste ~ Angela and Ben

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What we’ve been up to…

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A snippet of our past 2 months.  We’ve been living on the move.

An amazing group of practitioners came together at Camp duNord for our annual retreat.  We practiced, laughed, played in the snow, explored Ayurveda + Yoga, enjoyed massage, fires and food together…Fall Yoga Retreat 2012 = a success!  The next week we hit the road for Colorado + a training with our teacher Rod Stryker.  We nestled into mountain life at Avalanche Ranch (cabins + hot springs = perfect retreat).  We quickly fell into a daily routine of soaking in the hot springs, breakfast, yoga, soak, dinner, sleep.  Upon return, we received our India Visas!  We head to India in January…more details to come of our pilgrimage thru the Himalayan Institute.  And, finally, our completion of the fall harvest.  Our kale, collards + brussel sprouts were so unbelievably patient with us this year and now the freezer is stocked!

fall retreat 2012

wintery fall retreat

on the road

avalanche ranch
india visa!
final harvest
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Home sweet home…

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Many hours + many modes of transport and we are home!
Refreshed and sleepy.


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Christmas on Koh Samet

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We are soaking up our final days on holiday on the Thai Island of Koh Samet. Emerald green waters washing over white sand under the deck of our bungalow. It has been a wonderful trip. Traveling is such an amazing way to gain perspective on ones’s life and the world we share. We are excited to return refreshed and renewed. With the New Year comes new offerings, beginning with the New Years Day workshop at One Yoga…hope to see you there:)


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It’s a Small World After All…

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We are at the airport in Yangon, Myanmar heading back to Thailand for a few days of beach and sun before returning to the frozen tundra of home. Everyone knows Minneapolis is a small town. We were again reminded how small the world is when on our 3 day trek we met the former boyfriend of one of my yoga students. Now we sit among familiar faces that have traveled a similar Myanmar itinerary. A couple that sat near us at dinner last night, a couple that watched the sunset over Bagan atop the same temple…we are boarding the plane soon, have a wonderful holiday week.

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