Fall Workshops in Minneapolis

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Fall Workshops 2016

Opening the Hips- Sept 24, 1:30-4pm 

Essentials of Yoga Philosophy- Oct 2, 1-3:30

Cultivating a Home Practice – Nov 5, 1:30-4pm 

Yoga Therapy for Anxiety and Stress Relief – Nov 6, 1-4pm 


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Opening the Hips

 Sept 24,  1:30-4:00 pm at One Yoga

Anyone who has practiced yoga knows there is a lot going on in the hips and pelvis. For many practitioners, tension in the hips and pelvis is often the cause of lower back and knee pain.
Whether you are a yogi-athlete who loves to move or a yogi-meditator who loves to sit, range of motion in the hips greatly affects your entire system. From both the anatomic and energetic perspectives, the pelvis unites the legs (your connection to the earth) and your spine (the central channel of the energetic and nervous system of the body). Additionally, the pelvis and hip joints are known to store deep emotions from your past, and greatly influence your physical and energetic systems of elimination, creation, procreation and assimilation.
What you’ll receive from this workshop:
  • Guidance in a specific sequence designed to open all the major muscles of the hip joints
  • Increased understanding of the anatomy of the hips and pelvis
  • Handout of the practices

All levels of experience are welcome.

Early bird rate: $35 (through September 17th)
Regular rate: $45
Visit One-Yoga.org to register

Yoga Philosophy: Seeing Life through the Eyes of Love and Wisdom  

Oct 2,  1-3:30pm at One Yoga

You’ve probably heard that there is a lot more to yoga than postures. In fact, the postures are only a small, modern part of this ancient tradition. In its essence, yoga is a Science of Self-Realization, offering insight to life’s eternal questions:
  • Who am I? 
  • What is the nature of the world we live in? 
  • What is the meaning of life? 
  • How do I find meaning, freedom and joy? 
While Yoga’s timeless teachings give profound context to our modern lives, it’s the practice of Yoga that gives us the means to realize our fullest potential.
The beautiful part about Yoga philosophy is that there are no pre-requisite beliefs; only a willingness to look closely at yourself and life, and a desire to learn and grow.
This workshop is appropriate for anyone interested in learning more about the philosophy of yoga, regardless of experience or physical ability. We will explore many of its core tenets, including:
  • Branches of the tree of Yoga
  • Dharma
  • Energy + Consciousness
  • Karma
  • Koshas
  • Atman + Brahman
  • Practice + Non-Attachment
  • Ahimsa + Satya
What you will learn:
  • The core principals of the Yoga tradition
  • How to live Yoga within the larger context of daily life
  • How to find meaning in times of challenge and change

Early bird rate: $35

Regular rate: $45

Visit One-Yoga.org to register

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