Korp Jai Laos (thank you)

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We ended our Lao adventure in true style, a grand farewell. I attended the 2nd annual film festival showing SE Asian films, a Myanmar film about six women and their journey thru pregnancy. Ben cruised thru the National Palace Museum. Met up for another gorgeous river walk + sunset and finished the evening with a traditional Lao herbal steam at one of the local bath houses. Full of lemongrass aroma, we are scheming how we can bring the herbal steam experience to MN:) Wrapping up our last steam, sipping earthy tea and to our surprise an elephant went strolling by. What? Yes, a huge elephant!!! Large smiles spread across our faces, accompanied by giggles.
Goodnight Laos, Korp Jai.

We’ve arrived in Cambodia, first impressions…warm, welcoming, humor, busy, lots of tourists in & around Angkor . Life on the road is treating us well. Love from Siem Reap, Cambodia!
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