Meditation, Mantra + The Yogic Mind: Six Week Series – Drop-Ins Welcome

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  Meditation, Mantra and the Yogic Heartmind

Fridays 12:30-2:30, Jan 22 + Feb 12- March 11

If there were a single yoga practice that lowers stress, calms and clarifies the mind, brings emotional equanimity, balances energy (prana) and the nervous system and opens the “heart”, would you commit to it?

Meditation is that practice.  We know of its  time-tested and scientifically validated benefits on human well-being: For 3,000+ years, meditation has been at the heart of the the yoga tradition.    The Yoga Sutra even posits meditation as the essential practice for removing the causes of suffering, and realizing lives of freedom and fulfillment.

Though the evidence for its efficacy are overwhelming and yoga postures are intended to prepare us for meditation, it is rarely taught in yoga classes.  Without meditation, yoga is an incomplete science.

Classes will feature yogic teachings on meditation,  guided meditation practices, yoga postures, breath work, q + a and discussion.

Whether you are looking to to start, maintain or deepen your meditation practice, this series will give you the essential meditative tools for a life of inner tranquility and outer effectiveness.

In this series, You will:

  • Learn postures and Breathing practices to prepare us for meditation
  • Explore traditional teachings on the importance and process of meditation
  • Experience essential yogic meditation techniques including: Witness Consciousness, Mantra, Kriya, loving-kindness and more
  • Learn the fundamentals of mantra science and practice
  • Receive practices to cultivate focused energy, transcendent peace, emotional equanimity, non-attachment, and compassion
  • Receive recordings to guide your home practice
  • Explore the yogic understanding of the mind – that which can cause suffering or set us free
  • Learn how to overcome common challenges in starting or maintaining a meditation practice, including: dealing with physical discomfort, mental unsteadiness and committing to regular meditation practice

Dates: Fridays- Jan 22 + Feb 12- March 11

Times- 12:30 2:30 pm

Location: Devanadi Yoga

Your Investment:  6 Week Series – $135, or $25 to Drop In (if space allows)

Reserve your space here

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