Summer Immersion – Hatha Yoga Pradipika: July 23-28, Mpls

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                Summer Immersion:

                           Hatha Yoga Pradipika                            July 23-28 – Minneapolis

“Salutations to the primordial guru, Sri Adinath, who instructed the knowledge Hatha Yoga which shines forth as a stairway for those who wish to ascend to the highest stage of Yoga.”  HYP 1.1

Hatha Yoga has become popular around the world as a means for maintaing health and stress-relief.  While its is most well known for asana (postures), they make up a relatively small part of the larger science, much of which has been eclipsed in our culture of  yoga for fitness.   Traditionally, Hatha Yoga integrates asana (posture), Ayurveda, shatkarma (cleansing practices), pranayama (energetic breath work), mudra + bandha (gestures for channeling energy) + samadhi (cultivation of meditative awareness).  As a holistic science, it aspires to cultivate body, mind and energy to prepare us for awakening our higher potentials (shakti).

The Hatha Yoga Pradipika (Hatha Yoga of Illumination) is considered to be the oldest text on the sacred science of Hatha Yoga.  Dating from approximately the 15th century CE, it elucidates the science of Hatha Yoga posture to meditation, from body to Soul.

In this special immersion we will delve into the teachings and practices of the Hatha Yoga Traditions as transmitted in its original text.   We will focus on understanding and applying Hatha Yoga as means of utilizing body, mind, and energy in service of Self-Realization.  The master classes will consist of practices (integrating asana, pranayama, mudra, meditation), dharma talks, q + a, and personal reflection.

Immersion Schedule:  

Sunday 7/23:  2:30-5:30 pm

Monday 7/24: 6-9 am 

Tuesday 7/25: 6-9 am, 6:30-8:30 pm

Wednesday 7/26: 6-9 am

Thursday 7/27: 6-9 am, 6:30-8:30 pm

Friday 7/28: 6-9am

Location:  Sunday + Morning Classes will be held at TaraNa Yoga on 38th + Grand Ave S., in Minneapolis.  Evening classes will be at an alternate location in South Minneapolis.

Your Investment – $345, ($25 discount if paid in full by May 31).   A $150 deposit will reserve your space.  You can pay by cash, check, CC or paypal.  Please email [email protected] to register.

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