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The Yoga of Emotions – Fall Immersion: Oct 6-9, Ely, MN

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The Yoga of Emotions – Nava Rasa Sadhana


October 6-9, Ely, MN

Our annual Fall Immersion is intended for yogis looking for deeper study and practice of yoga in a retreat setting.  We will explore the in-depth teachings and practices of through dharma, meditation, asana, pranayama, mantra, kriya, chanting, yoga nidra and self-inquiry.  This year we will be delving into: The Yoga of Emotions and Nava Rasa Sadhana.

Yoga sees humans as multidimensional beings, composed of physical body, prana, mind, emotions, intelligence (all subject to change) and the Eternal Self.  How we experience life is based largely on the fluctuations of our bodies, minds, energies and emotions.  These are interwoven and powerful – yet emotions (“that which moves outward”) hold a unique role in shaping our experience of well-being and suffering, of ourselves and life.  Our culture teaches us little about how to navigate and channel the emotions of life.  This immersion will be based on traditional yogic and tantric teachings about Nava Rasa Sadhana: The Spiritual Practice of Nine Emotions.  They are: Courage, Fear, Love, Anger, Joy, Sadness, Wonder, Disgust and Peace.  From a dualistic view, each of these emotions come in pairs of complimentary opposites, each with pleasant and unpleasant aspects.  From a non-dual perspective, each of them is sacred and may be channeled skillfully for the fulfillment of our dharma. As a defining aspect of human life, how we feel, witness, process, understand and channel our emotions profoundly shapes us.  We will explore teachings and practices for relating to and using our emotional energies to awaken, including:

  • Understanding the Nine Emotions/ Nava Rasas experientially and conceptually
  • How and why do emotions arise?  What is their purpose?
  • Yogic Science of Emotion, mind and their karmic roots
  • Western Science of Emotion, Brain and Nervous system
  • Cultivating Witness Consciousness, emotional equanimity and peace
  • Learning to feel and process emotion skillfully 
  • Yogic Practices for Emotional Healing and Transformation: Asana, pranayama, ayurveda, mantra, meditation, kriya, chanting, yoga nidra, self-reflection, relationship and more

Daily Session Schedule:                                                                                                       The immersion will begin Sunday Oct. 6 and conclude Weds. Oct 9

Sunday Oct 6:  6-9 pm                                                                                                       Monday Oct 7:  8:30-11:30 am, 2:30-5:30 pm                                                               Tuesday Oct 10:  8:30-11:30 am, 2:30-5 pm,  7-9 pm                                                   Wednesday Oct 11:  7:30-10am

Optional Chanting and Silent Meditation M-W from 6-7 am

Your Investment: 

  • $535 – Twin bed in a communal Loft Space
  • $575 – Shared bedroom space (2 people/room, twin beds or queen bed for couples)
  • $675 – Private bedroom space (queen bed)

Early Registration Discount- Receive $25 off the above rates when you register and pay in full by August 6.  Yoga Studies grads receive additional $20 off.

Rates are inclusive of

  • Room
  • Immersion Tuition
  • Use of Camp du Nord facilities (sauna, hiking trails, canoes + kayaks, etc.)

Massage will be available during breaks.  Please note meals are not provided. Each cabin has a fully equipped kitchen for all your cooking needs. We will plan to eat dinners communally, with groups taking turns preparing food if the group size accommodates eating/cooking together.  For more information on the accommodations, visit the fall retreat page.

All payments are due in full September 15, with a fee of $45 for late payments, payment plans & registrations received thereafter.

To reserve your space, please send your Fall Immersion Registration + Waiver copy  and $150 deposit per-person (non-refundable) Payable via Venmo (@Ben-Vincent-9), Cash or Check.  Checks are payable to:

Ben Vincent (not Vincent Yoga)

5354 40th Ave S.

Minneapolis, MN, 55417

Please contact us with any questions or inquiries

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Spring Renewal – Day Long Retreat: April 20, Minneapolis

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Spring Renewal Retreat 

April 20, Minneapolis

Spring is a time of cleansing, renewal and rebirth.  As the days get longer and warmer, the dregs of winter melt away, the Earth thaws, and the flowers and animal life begin to stir!  Human life is no different.  Many observe the transition to spring through time-tested rituals: Spring cleaning, Lent, tending and planting the garden and tuning-up bicycles.   Yet how many of make a conscious effort to cleanse and rejuvenate our bodies, minds and energy? The changing of the seasons is an auspicious time for reflection, honoring the cycles of life and transformation.  This day long retreat is an opportunity to do just that – a guided process integrating tools, teachings and practices for cleansing, revitalization, and bringing new life forth.  The retreat will include:

  • Practices appropriate for Spring (Asana, Pranayama, Meditation)
  • Dharma Talk, Q + A
  • Receive Guidelines + Resources for Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse
  • Journaling and Self-Reflection
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Recordings of the practices and teachings to support your Home Practice

Location + Schedule:  9:00-5:00 with a 75 minute lunch break.  The Retreat will be held at River’s Way Meditation Center in the Ivy building for the Arts- 2637 27th Ave S, Suite 201, Minneapolis, MN

Your Investment:                                                                                                                   Full Rate – $135, Early Reg- $108 (registered and paid by 4/1).                                      Yoga Studies Grads – $10 off the above rates

To Register: Pay online via PayPal (, Venmo (@Ben-Vincent-9) or bring cash or check to ben in person.  The retreat will be limited to 20 people in the order in which registration + payment is received.

Email if you have any questions.

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Yoga Nidra – Resting to Awaken: Summer Immersion – Mpls., July 11-14

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Yoga Nidra – Resting to Awaken

Summer Immersion – July 11-14, Minneapolis

The Summer Immersion is a special opportunity for immersive study and practice of yoga in the City. This year we will be delving into Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra is simultaneously a tool,  a practice, a process, and a state of transcendent awareness.  Often translated as “Yogic Sleep”, it is a process of conscious relaxation, bringing awareness progressively through the layers of our being from conscious to subconscious to super-conscious.  The journey of Yoga Nidra integrates practices for balancing the physical and energetic bodies, deep relaxation, sankalpa (sacred intention), and using guided imagery and kriya to work with the subtle body and subconscious mind.  In working with with the deeper layers of our being, it is unparalleled in its capacity for relaxation, healing, transformation and empowerment.  On its deepest level, yoga nidra is dissolution of all limited consciousness into the infinite.

Whether your goal is stress relief, rejuvenation, physical / emotional healing,  removing karmic patterns, unlocking creativity or empowering yourself to manifest a dharmic desire, yoga nidra has something profound to offer you.  This immersion will explore:

  • What is Yoga Nidra?  What is its purpose?
  • The traditional stages and progression of practice
  • Awakening Sankalpa Shakti: The Power of Sacred Intention
  • Yoga Nidra as a tool for relaxation, healing, freeing the mind or manifestation
  • How to integrate yoga nidra into your life and practice
  • Guiding yourself through Yoga Nidra

We will explore the teachings and practices of through dharma teachings, yoga nidra, meditation, asana, pranayama, mantra, kriya, chanting, self-inquiry and group discussion .

Immersion Schedule + Location:

Thursday 7/11 – Sunday 7/14, 8:30-4:00 pm, with a 90 minute break for lunch.             The immersion will be held at the River’s Way Meditation Center in the Ivy Building for the Arts, 2637 27th Ave S. Suite 201,  Minneapolis.

Your Investment:

 $475 – Regular Price                                                                                                            $445 – Yoga Studies graduates and active teachers (currently teaching 3 or more classes/ week)                                                                                                                          Early Registration discount – $45 off above prices when registered + paid in full by May 31.

To register email and submit a $150 deposit will reserve your spot. Payment can be made through:                                                                     Venmo (@ben-vincent-9)                                                                                                   PayPal (                                                                                       Check to Ben Vincent (5354 40th Ave s, Minneapolis, Mn 55417).

Space is limited, all payments are final.

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Living Yoga in the Kali Yuga ~ San Diego, CA Jan 25-29

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                     Living Yoga in the Kali Yuga:                       Embodying Power and Light in Times of Darkness    Jan 25-29 ~ Leucadia, CA

The ancient seers of yoga foretold of a coming age known as the Kali Yuga.  This “age of transformation” would be ushered in by dark times in which materialism, narcissism and fundamentalism would eclipse the clear seeing of our place and purpose in the greater order of the cosmos.  Fear, anger and suffering would pervade human consciousness – caused by continuing to live under the illusion of ourselves as separate from one another and the earth.    As with any transformation, there is simultaneous death and birth, destruction and creativity.   There is both potential for greater pain or true healing.

These times make the work of inner work of yoga even more important.   For transforming the fear, anger and suffering within us, and moving into the world from a place of clarity, purpose, compassion and love.  This balance between living in alignment with truth in the inner and outer world is known as Dharma.   From the Bhagavad Gita to Mahatma Gandhi, the yoga tradition has guided us on the path of living dharmic-ly through time of change and adversity.

In this special Five Day immersion, we will dive into traditional teachings and practices to awaken our power and light in the Kali Yuga.  This immersion is for those feeling called to to live a more meaningful and connected life, and to make a positive impact on our world.

The immersion will include:

  • Six hours of  daily yoga study and practice ~ 12:30-4 + 5-7:30 pm 
  • Exploring the nature of the Kali Yuga and practices for these times
  • A guided process to reveal Dharma, the greater purpose of your life
  • Study of the Bhagavad Gita, living Dharma in times of crisis
  • Study of the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and the power of ahimsa
  • Teachings on how to move from inner awakening to serving the world
  • Daytrip to the mediation Gardens at the Self Realization Fellowship  over looking the ocean

The scene

The immersion will be held in Leucadia, California.  Located about 30 min. north of downtown San Diego, this area has been an epicenter of Yoga in the US ever since Paramahansa Yogananda founded the Self Realization Fellowship in the 1920’s.   Leucadia has retained its small beach town vibe amidst the rapid growth of Southern California.  Lodging is available at the Surf House Leucadia, located on Highway 1 just a few blocks walk to the yoga immersion and the beach, as well as restaurants and coffee shops.  You can also find plenty of options though airbnb or verb.  You’ll have mornings and evenings to enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California.

Investment + Registration

$575 – Early Bird registration (paid in full by December 15)                                   $650 – Full Rate (must be paid in full by Jan 15)               

This small group immersion will be limited to 22 people, in order of reservations received.  To reserve your space, contact and submit your $250 deposit (non-refundable).



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Applying Yoga Philosophy to Life – Classes begin April 15 at Devanadi!

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Applying the Essential Principals of Yoga Philosophy to Life 
Fridays April 15- May 27

Beyond the postures of modern Yoga is a timeless tradition of teachings regarding the innate order and harmony (dharma) of the universe.  The original intention of yoga was to guide us to live in alignment with these natural laws- helping humanity to realize our full potential for freedom and fulfillment.  In these on-going classes, we will explore these teachings through dharma talks (lectures), discussion and meditation.

Classes will be presented in series pertaining to topics, and may also include gentle movement, chanting, breath-work, meditation journaling, self-reflection and other yoga practices.   Students may register for the full series (and receive recordings of the talks + practices) or drop-in to individual classes.   Please bring a yoga mat, comfortable clothing, and a journal to write in.

Friday April 15  Dharma: Aligning your Life with the Harmony of the Universe
Friday April 22  Atman + Brahman:  You are the presence which pervades the Universe
No Class on Friday April 29
Friday May 6  Energy + Consciousness: The building blocks of the Universe
Friday May 13  Karma: The Laws of Cause + Effect
Friday May 20 Practice + Non-Attachemnt: the Yogic Path to Freedom + Fulfillment
Friday May 27  Ahimsa + Satya:  Abiding in Non-Harming + Living your Truth

Times- 12:30 2:30 pm

Location: Devanadi Yoga

Your Investment:  6 Week Series – $135, or $30 to Drop In (if space allows)

Discounts available for full-time students, seniors, vets and devanadi teacher training grads

Reserve your space here

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