The Art & Science of Sequencing: A Weekend Intensive

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Vinyasa Krama- The Art & Science of Sequencing

A Weekend Intensive

 I am excited to offer these teachings committed students and teachers of Yoga in the Twin Cities.   We will Explore the sequencing of postures, pranayama and meditation to form a skillful yoga practice – Learning from both ancient and modern sciences, to inform the art of applying Vinyasa Krama.  By doing so, yoga becomes balancing and transformative, helping us realize our capacity for healing, well-being and empowerment in our lives.   Students are encouraged to register for the whole intensive, but may also sign up for daily sessions individually.  For  registration, visit the One Yoga website  Register for the whole weekend by November 5th to receive the early registration discount of $250!

  The Biomechanics of Sequencing

Friday Nov. 16, 1-9 pm (Break 4:30-5:40) $110

This full day workshop will focus on the physical aspects of creating safe and effective yoga practices.  We will use six primary categories of postures based on movements of the spine: Forward Folds, Backbends, Twists, Laterals, Inversions & Extensions. Learn the essential principles of anatomy/physiology, alignment and bio-mechanics of each category.  Using these essential principles, we will explore the arch of structuring a class: centering, warm-up/preparation, ascending to a peak pose, balancing counter-poses, common contraindications and how to adapt and modify.

  The Energetics of Sequencing

Saturday Nov. 17, 8:30-5:30 pm  (Break 12-1) $110

After an effective yoga practice, we feel more awake, centered and at ease, yet little has changed in the world around us.  So what is different? Our Energy ~ Prana.  As the force of life in all things and the connection between body and mind, prana influences every aspect of our lives.  By learning to feel, cultivate and harness prana, we unlock our highest potential and experience the interconnectedness of life. The practices of Hatha Yoga (postures, breathing + cleansing practices and meditation) have evolved for these purposes.  This workshop will explore the anatomy of the energetic body, how Hatha Yoga practices affect it and the art of using energetics to create practices that are empowering and balancing.

  Yoga & Ayurveda for Personalizing Practices

Sunday Nov. 18,  12:30-4:30 pm  $65

Yoga (Self-Actualization) and Ayurveda (Self-Healing) have been used together for millennia.  When our lives are balanced, it is much easier to fulfill our purpose and potential.  Understanding Ayurveda is important for dedicated yogis.  Ayurveda (“Wisdom of Life”) sees each Human being as made up of the same elements that compose the universe:  Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space.  The combination of these elements within us creates specific physical, mental and emotional qualities, called Doshas. This workshop will explore the essentials of Ayurveda:  Your individual constitution, the Doshas — their qualities + subtle essences and how to balance them through yoga, diet and lifestyle.  Experience practices for balancing each dosha and learn how to apply them as a practitioner and teacher.


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