Yoga Nidra: Resting to Awaken March 1-3, Encinitas, CA

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                                                                          Yoga Nidra: Resting to Awaken

         Mar 1-3, Encinitas, CA           

Our annual Fall Immersion is intended for yogis looking for deeper study and practice of yoga in a retreat setting.  We will explore the in-depth teachings and practices of through dharma, meditation, asana, pranayama, mantra, kriya, chanting, yoga nidra and self-inquiry.  This year we will be delving into Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra is simultaneously a tool,  a practice, a process, and a state of transcendent awareness.  Often translated as “Yogic Sleep”, it is a process of bringing awareness progressively through the layers of our being from conscious to subconscious to super-conscious.  The journey of Yoga Nidra integrates practices for balancing the physical and energetic bodies, deep relaxation, sankalpa (sacred intention), and using guided imagery and kriya to work with the subtle body and subconscious mind.  In working with with the deeper layers of our being, it is unparalleled in its capacity for relaxation, healing, transformation and empowerment.  On its deepest level, yoga nidra is dissolution of all limited consciousness into the infinite.

Whether your goal is stress relief, rejuvenation, physical / emotional healing,  removing karmic patterns, unlocking creativity or empowering yourself to manifest a dharmic desire, yoga nidra has something profound to offer you.  This immersion will explore:

  • What is Yoga Nidra?  What is its purpose?
  • The traditional stages and progression of practice
  • Awakening Sankalpa Shakti: The Power of Sacred Intention
  • Yoga Nidra as a tool for relaxation, healing, freeing the mind or manifestation
  • How to integrate yoga nidra into your life and practice
  • Guiding yourself through Yoga Nidra

Daily Session Schedule:                                                                                                        

Friday Mar 1:  6-9 pm                                                                                                   Saturday Mar 2: 1-7 pm                                                                                                  Sunday Mar 3:  1-7 pm                                                

Your Investment: 

$250, or $215 if registered and paid by 2/10

To register, please visit Gather Encinitas

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