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A letter from Mia Bolte,

Hello Yogis, friends and students of Ben’s,

I am about to write a rather unusual message to you.  I hope you will be inspired to share your support, once I tell you what I am up to here.

For several years I’ve been taking classes and studying yoga in all its subtlety and grace with Ben Vincent.  I feel fortunate to call him a great teacher and friend whose instruction is dynamic, embodied and intellectually deep.  This does not come quickly or easily.  Ben spends an immense amount of time practicing and studying in order to show up so thoroughly for us.

You may know he’s going on a pilgrimage in January to receive teachings at Kumbha Mela- a gathering of 40-70 million yogis that happens once every 12 years in India. He will be studying through the Himalayan Institute, with master teachers of the yoga tradition who help spread its light in our world.  This is truly the pilgrimage of a lifetime.

In the spirit of thanks, appreciation and simply wanting more of the good stuff from Ben, I wonder if you’d like to join me in making a gift to him in support of his yoga study this winter.  In more traditional spiritual settings it is common for people to offer monetary gifts to teachers.  In part because it makes a stronger energetic connection between the giver, and teacher and special teachings they offer.  I am inviting you to be part of this interaction, to bring the light of these special teachings back to us via Ben.

As you may have guessed, this study is not going to be cheap, and he is losing income while in training.  The cost of the trip is about $5000 per person, and my hope is that we, his core students,  are capable of raising at least 20% of that.  How about offering $15, the cost of a yoga class?   This way it is totally possible to make a real difference to Ben, from this point of view!  Some of us might be able to give $25, some more and some less.  The amount is not as important as the spirit of giving and encouraging his practice, so gifts of all sizes are welcome and encouraged. I want to let you know this was my idea, not Ben’s.   I did ask him to make a list of those he believes are his most dedicated students.  It would make no sense to ask those who can’t comprehend the specific gift that Ben is able to breathe into our life and practice.   You and I know this through the classes we take with Ben.  It’s taken hundreds of years for yoga to become this accessible in America, and Minneapolis specifically.  There is a blessing that happens between students and teachers, and the gift process makes that obvious and transparent.

Let’s ensure that he gets there, and invest further in this community’s spiritual growth.   You could do so in one of two ways.  One option is to give the gift to Ben directly in person or via mail.  Or, since it can be awkward to hand individual gifts to a teacher you may get them to me, and I’ll gather the money together and offer it to Ben as a gift as it is done in other spiritual traditions.   Either way, everybody wins.

If you are contributing via check, please address checks to Ben directly, at his address below.  If you have questions, or wish to talk about this, please do be in touch.  Thank you for considering this in your own heart and mind.

Respectfully yours,

Mia Bolte

[email protected]


2517 Emerson Avenue South

Minneapolis MN 55405


Ben Vincent 5354 40th Ave S

[email protected]

Minnespolis, MN 55417


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