New Year, New Offerings…

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Its good to be away.  Its also good to be home.  Time away is a wonderful opportunity to see the possibilities of life.  It is all too easy to get caught up in the pace of day to day living, and lose sight of how much of our lives we choose, and how those choices shape our path.  Traveling to other parts of the world is a good reminder of this.  There are many different ways to live upon this earth.

In going away and having a little space from one’s daily life, it is also good to be reaffirmed and return feeling that the lives we live are meaningful, joyful and sustainable.  Ever since I began to truly study yoga, it has been my desire to make the deeper spiritual and philosophical teachings of yoga accessible.  In my own experience these teachings have provided such a profound sense of peace, joy and connection.   It was with that vision that I returned to host the third annual New Years Day Yoga Workshop at One Yoga.  We had 37 people for an afternoon of yoga teaching and practice, self- reflection and intention setting for the year to come.  The workshop was based around the teaching that “Our life is the product of our deepest driving desires.”  In other words, what we desire most- consciously or unconsciously- is what dictates what we prioritize, what we choose and how our lives unfold as a result.

This workshop was an introduction to the teaching of the “Purusharthas”- desires of the soul.  This teaching says that all humans desire dharma (prupose), artha (the means to achieve one’s purpose), kama      (pleasure/joy) and moksha (freedom).  It could be said that the vast body of wisdom and practices known as yoga, is the cumulative result of the human search to fulfill those desires.  As the desire for meaning, means, pleasure and freedom shapes our experince, it is essential to clarify what we really desire, the patterns of thought and action keep us from realizing those desires, and what tools we have to empower the realization of our potential and purpose.   The workshop was an introduction to this process created by my teacher Rod Stryker, as detailed in his book “The Four Desires.”

I have had the opportunity to attend an intensive with Rod based  in these teachings, and to teach this workshop and the larger process of The Four Desires several times.  It never fails to amaze me in its relevance, universality, depth, intimacy and transformative potential.   This is profound process for all who are in search of meaning, freedom and joy.  It is also an extremely valuable process for those who feel called, but are challenged in actualizing that calling.  I am excited to be offering the longer process of The Four Desires in a Winter Weekend Immersion, Januray 26-29 at One Yoga.  Feel free to follow the link for more info.   If you are interested in more of Rod’s teaching, he will be in Minneapolis for a Five day training on Tantra, January 18-22.  You can find information about that intensive and all his teaching at

For those of you looking for opportunities to deepen your own practice and study of yoga, beginning Monday January 30th, I will be offering an 8-week Series on The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali.  As the source of the Eight-limbed path of Yoga, it has been the definitive text in Classical Yoga philosophy and practice for 2000 years.  Its wisdom on the human condition and the practices of yoga as a path to freedom is profoundly valuable.  This course will focus on the essential teachings of The Yoga Sutra, meditation, the Yogic Mind and how to apply this wisdom to our lives.

I hope this new year finds you well.  As a teacher, I strive to offer authentic and relevant teachings of the yoga tradition.  As students, I hope that you strive to realize your innate potential for meaning, joy and freedom.  May this New Year inspire you to work tirelessly in pursuit of your Soul’s Desires, and to appreciate all that you are given.

Namaste, Ben


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